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Bikers face unique challenges and increased risk of an accident

New Orleans bikers know there are many reasons why motorcyclists are more vulnerable to injuries in the event of an accident. Even when wearing proper safety gear and helmets, a collision with a larger and heavier vehicle will almost certainly result in serious, or even fatal, injuries. If you are a biker, you may find it helpful to take steps to understand the risks you face and how to protect yourself.

Most bikers choose this mode of transportation because it allows them to enjoy the freedom of the open road. Unfortunately, other drivers often fail to recognize the right of motorcycles to share the road and they don't always know how to drive safely near a motorcycle.

Why are motorcycles more vulnerable to injury?

Motorcycles are more vulnerable to extensive damage in the event of a collision. Drivers of other types of vehicles are responsible for driving safely and cautiously around bikers. The specific risks that bikers face include the following:

  • Poor road conditions: Bad road conditions can cause bikers to lose their balance and have an accident. Even minor road hazards can have major negative consequences for a biker.
  • Other drivers: Motorcycles are not as easy to see as other types of vehicles, and sometimes, drivers may turn in front of them or drift into their lanes, causing a collision.
  • Defective parts or design: If there are issues with the design, manufacturing or parts used in the motorcycle, it can lead to serious accidents.

In many cases, motorcycle accidents are the result of some form of negligence. If you are a biker, you will find it helpful to be fully cognizant of your rights and the legal remedies available to you. Motorcycle riders and passengers have the right to take action to learn about their legal options after an accident.

Your rights after an accident

You do not have to suffer through the aftermath alone. You understand that New Orleans roads are sometimes in need of repair and area drivers may not be respectful of your right to share the road. You are entitled to a full and fair recovery after suffering due to the negligence of another person or party.

It is prudent to take immediate action after an accident to learn about your rights and your options. When it comes to your recovery and getting the care you deserve after a motorcycle collision, there is no time to lose in taking the appropriate course of action.

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