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Truck accidents are sometimes related to cargo securement issues

You cannot go too far in any direction in New Orleans without seeing semitrailers taking up space on the road. They are everywhere. Sadly, numerous Louisiana residents suffer significant injury or even the loss of life in truck accidents every year. Are you one of the many who has been hurt or lost a loved one in such an incident? If so, you may have legal recourse.

Trucking accidents occur for a number of reasons. Did you know that cargo securement issues are one of them? How hard can it be to load cargo onto a semitrailer? It is not that the task is difficult, but those individuals loading the trucks have to make sure the vehicle is balanced, not overweight and that cargo is tied down where necessary. Failure to do any of these things can result in an accident.

The problem with cargo

The problem with cargo is that it can shift during transport. Now, semitrailers are big and heavy machines and can withstand cargo shifting to a degree, but not too much. If cargo is not properly secured and a driver takes a curve to fast or has to slam on the brakes, the truck will likely tip over or fail to stop in time. There may be no way for the driver to recover.

In order to prevent cargo-related trucking accidents, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has guidelines in place that all truck drivers, trucking companies and individuals responsible for loading these vehicles must adhere to, including the following:

  • Cargo must not exceed the truck weight limit
  • Securement to proper anchor points is a must
  • Must use proper ties
  • Must use the right number of ties

This means that drivers and all individuals working with semitrailers must go through proper training and must take care every time they load or prepare to transport cargo.

Why does this information matter?

If you suffered injuries or lost a loved one in a truck accident, you may be wondering why this information matters at this point. You cannot change what happened. This information matters because it can help you seek compensation for your losses. It is something to look into when trying to establish negligence against a driver, trucking company, supplier or anyone else who had something to do with the lack of proper cargo securement.

Truck accidents happen; it does not mean the victims and their loved ones have to suffer the consequences of these events alone. With assistance, it may be possible to successfully seek relief for all documented losses.

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