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Group aligns with tech company to reduce drunk driving accidents

Mothers Against Drunk Driving is a nonprofit organization that has advocated for years for tougher laws to help prevent further loss of life in senseless car crashes. Though it has entered into partnerships with various agencies to help educate drivers about the dangers of impaired driving, many Louisiana families have continued to experience the heartbreaking loss of loved ones to drunk driving accidents. Recently, the group announced a new partnership that may provide potential answers to the problem.

MADD formed a partnership with a company that produces 3-D sensor systems with real-time perception. This technology has a variety of uses, including for autonomous vehicles. The partnership aims to provide information on how self-driving technology can be an effective means to eliminate the possibilities of car crashes attributed to impaired or distracted driving. The group plans to hold a conference to help educate the public on the advantageous of an automated driving system, and a website focuses on the benefits of the technology that makes autonomous vehicles possible.

The company, Velodyne Lidar, has developed its perception system on newer technology that allows the company to produce smaller, more advanced technology in a more cost-effective means. The new technology provides more detailed data that was not possible in camera or radar-based systems. In addition, the company hopes to produce these sensors for all truck and car models in order to enhance the performance of safety systems at highway speeds.

During the conference, attendees will be provided an opportunity to ride in an autonomous vehicle and will receive user-friendly information concerning the advantages of self-driving technology. However, regardless of these efforts, the dangers of drunk driving accidents will likely exist for years to come. Victims and their families suffer terrible consequences from tragedies that are often the fault of a negligent party. Though nothing can repair the physical and emotional harm that has been endured, Louisiana victims may seek compensation for their monetary damages by pursuing a civil lawsuit.

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