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Is driver negligence to blame for fatigue-related truck crashes?

When a truck collides with a smaller vehicle, the results can be catastrophic. A smaller, lighter vehicle is often no match for the significantly larger and heavier semi-trailer or commercial vehicle, and it is often the people in the passenger vehicle who suffer serious or fatal injuries. When these accidents happen, Louisiana readers may ask if driver negligence is to blame, particularly in cases involving fatigued truckers.

Fatigue plays a role in a high number of fatal truck accidents. While the trucker may be to blame to some extent, it's important to remember that truck drivers are often pressured by their employers to drive longer hours. Trucking companies may not have realistic schedules or mandate rest breaks for their workers. As a result, a person could be behind the wheel of a large truck while also dangerously tired

One recommendation for stopping fatigued driving is for trucking companies not to allow their drivers to operate vehicles past midnight. There are also certain types of technology that can help prevent accidents, such as lane departure warning systems and cameras that can alert drivers when they are doing something that could be dangerous. Companies can also use electronic logging devices to keep up with the hours their drivers may be on the road.

When driver negligence plays a role in an accident, a Louisiana victim has the right to hold the driver accountable and pursue appropriate compensation through a civil claim. It may also be possible to hold a trucking company accountable for dangerous practices. A victim can learn more about his or her legal options through an assessment of his or her case.

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