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Speeding and car accidents go hand in hand

Car manufacturers seem to always be advertising that faster is always better. That is far from the truth. Driving at higher speeds is actually pretty dangerous, which is why you do your very best to stick to the posted speed limit. Unfortunately, not everyone cares about safety as much as you do. That is why speeding is such a significant contributor to car accidents.

So who is doing all the speeding? You cannot blame all speeding incidents on reckless drivers. A lot of drivers in Louisiana speed for all sorts of reasons, like running late for work. Whether a driver feels like he or she has a legitimate excuse for exceeding the speed limit or simply wants to go faster, there is no denying how dangerous it is.

Speeding does not save much time

Settling in for an hours-long road trip might seem fun at first, but that feeling usually does not last long. It can be tempting to try to reach your final destination a little faster, but how much time would you really save? If you are on a 100-mile road trip and the posted speed limit is 65 mph but you drive 70 mph, then you would only save around six minutes on the whole trip.

Speeding is not really worth saving less than 10 minutes. Still, many people still choose to drive faster and faster, and they are risking much more than speeding tickets. Every 5 mph increase correlates to an 8% increase for fatality rates on freeways and interstates.

Speed limits are still going up

States have been steadily increasing speed limits since back in the 1990s, and Louisiana is no exception. There are currently 41 states that allow for maximum speed limits of at least 70 mph. Since even a single 5 mph increase leads to more fatalities, it is easy to guess how the rising legal limits are affecting drivers and their passengers.

Research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows that those higher speed limits caused a lot more deaths. Between 1993 and 2017, speeding caused an additional 36,760 car accident deaths than if speed limits had just stayed the same. Out of all the total deaths, 13,638 were on freeways and interstates while the remaining 23,122 happened on other types of roads.

Drivers just keep going faster

Lawmakers started raising the legal speed limits for a pretty simple reason -- people were already speeding. They expected that doing so would get everyone on the road -- both the speeders and those following the limit -- to drive at the same speed. Instead, the drivers who were already speeding before the changes kept on speeding above the new limits.

Car accidents that involve speeding tend to cause severe injuries. Unfortunately, you only learned this after a speeding driver hit your vehicle. Getting help for your physical, financial and emotional damages should be one of your top priorities, so it is important to act in a timely manner. Working with an attorney who is experienced in Louisiana state law can be much more efficient than filing a personal injury suit on your own.

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