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Why summertime might be a dangerous season for drivers

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The mere idea of being in a collision can be a harrowing thought, and you might consider it vital to take every possible measure to promote safety as you navigate along Louisiana roads. Knowing some types of safety hazards you might encounter could prove integral to preparing to take a defensive approach to driving. 

While you may be aware of common threats such as distraction and fatigue, it might not always be so easy to tell how a change in seasons might affect your safety. With summer approaching swiftly, it may be helpful to know why studies suggest that this season can be one of the most dangerous times for drivers. 

Summer safety 

Studies indicate that there are various issues that act to make summertime a dangerous season for drivers. Some things to look out for as you travel during the summer might include: 

  • Cyclists and bikers:  Summer months may bring an increase in bicycle and motorcycle traffic, and finding ways to promote safety while driving near cyclists and bikers could help mitigate the risks of a potential disaster. 
  • Pedestrians:  You may also encounter higher levels of pedestrian traffic during the summer, whether these individuals are walking from place to place on vacation or simply out enjoying the weather. 
  • Inattention:  Studies also suggest that drivers may be more susceptible to inattention during the summer and may instead be focused on their plans for the summer or an upcoming vacation. 
  • Young drivers:  There may also be more young drivers out on the open road during summer months, many of which might not have a great deal of experience in safely operating a motor vehicle. 

Studies state that impaired driving is also more prevalent during summer months, and should you cross paths with such negligence, there may be little you can do to avoid a collision. 

Summertime collisions 

Being involved in a major collision can be a devastating experience, and the outcome of your crash might do more than place your plans for summer on hold. Such an incident could run the unfortunate risk of leaving you with severe or even permanent injuries and facing a long road to recovery. The financial repercussions of medical bills and a loss of wages could also place a significant strain on your life, leaving you with questions about your options and the next steps to take to safeguard your future.