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How a rear-end crash could take a dire toll on your health

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A rear-end collision can occur at any moment, and sometimes it could take little more than a moment of inattention or a sudden bout with driver fatigue to prompt a similar outcome. It is no secret that rear-end collisions continue to be one of the most common types of crashes, many of which might take place at slower speeds.

It might seem as though similar incidents may rarely involve more than minor damage to your vehicle or disrupt your schedule for the day. However, the outcome of a rear-end crash on Louisiana roads has the potential to prove far worse, as it may leave you with severe injuries and facing long-term or permanent health complications.

The risks

Even at lesser speeds, the impact of a rear-end crash could force you to shift back and forth in rapid motion, which may place intense pressure on numerous parts of your body. Some common health concerns that might stem from such a collision may include:

  • Head injuries: Studies indicate that head injuries remain common among victims of rear-end collisions. Such concerns could range anywhere from a minor concussion to a traumatic brain injury.
  • Back injuries: The impact of a similar incident could also place you at risk of suffering serious back injuries. Such health concerns can affect various aspects of your life.
  • Whiplash: Whiplash is also common among rear-end crash victims. Injuries to the neck and shoulders can be exceedingly painful and may carry long-term or permanent repercussions.
  • Fractures and nerve damage: Bone fractures and nerve damage are two more examples of possible outcomes. Such issues may prompt a need to undergo numerous operations to treat or repair the damage.

It may also be helpful to note that some common accident injuries might not be easy to detect just after a crash, as certain health concerns could take hours or days to manifest symptoms.

Impact of a rear-end crash

The outcome of a rear-end collision could take a dire toll on various aspects of your life, physical and financial alike. The injuries you suffer during the incident could lead to intense pain and affect your ability to carry out everyday tasks, and the monetary toll of extensive medical bills and loss of wages during recovery can also leave you facing significant financial hurdles. Living with the fallout of your crash could prove a difficult thing to accept, especially if it stems from the negligent decisions of another driver.