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When is there a premises liability in a parking garage?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2023 | Premises Liability

Louisiana property owners have an obligation to provide a safe environment for visitors and invited guests. In a place like a parking garage, you could suffer serious injuries if the property owner has failed in his or her duty to keep you safe. There are certain things you can do from the start to improve your own safety in a parking garage.  

However, many issues are out of your control, such as lighting, as well as the condition of the pavement, stairways and more. It’s also not your responsibility to make sure there is adequate security in a parking garage. If you suffer injury or fall victim to a crime, the property owner may be liable for damages.  

Use these 4 tips to improve parking garage safety 

Have you ever had coins in your front seat cup holder when you exited your vehicle? In a parking garage, this can make you a target for theft. In fact, leaving anything of value in open sight inside your vehicle, such as a laptop, cell phone or jewelry, etc., may attract attention from criminals who prowl through parking garages looking for things to steal.  Keep these tips in mind for safety: 

  • Don’t leave anything in plain sight inside your vehicle that might get stolen. 
  • Keep all vehicle doors locked and windows all the way up. 
  • Make sure to fully shut your trunk before walking away, then glance at it again when you return to make sure it’s still fully shut. 
  • If possible, always have someone with you when you visit a parking garage. If that’s not possible, try to use garages that have posted security guards. 

If you must use a parking garage after dark, make sure you choose one with adequate lighting. Criminals lurk in the dark. There should also be signs to help direct the flow of traffic, show where exits are, and point you toward stairs and elevators.  

What to do if an injury or crime occurs in a parking garage 

Several situations may arise to cause you injury in a parking garage. A motor vehicle collision could occur, you might trip and fall, or you might be the victim of theft or assault. In any of these instances, the property owner may be liable for damages if he or she failed in the duty to keep you safe.   

If an injury occurs, it’s best to seek immediate medical attention and to closely monitor your condition in the days that follow. When another person’s negligence was a cause of injury, Louisiana law allows you to seek restitution in a civil court.