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Understanding The Jones Act

Maritime injuries can result in broken bones, crushed limbs, spine injuries, head injuries and more due to lifting accidents, falling machinery and other vessel owner negligence. Maritime workers, however, are a protected class due to the dangerous nature of their job.

This protection comes in the form of the Jones Act. This entitles a maritime worker to free medical care and living expenses paid by his or her employer, regardless of liability. Unlike land-based injured workers, who receive a partial weekly allowance, maritime workers are entitled to dollar-for-dollar damages for pain and suffering and lost earnings if their injuries were the result of their employers’ negligence, which is also known as unseaworthiness of a vessel. In short, a mariner has extra rights, but protecting these rights requires the experience and dedication of a knowledgeable Louisiana lawyer.

A Knowledgeable Lawyer On Your Side

At the Law Offices of Gregory P. DiLeo, APLC, we are wholly committed to helping offshore accident victims obtain the compensation they deserve during this difficult time.

“I know that there are a lot of lawyers out there looking at you as a potential ‘big case’ for their firms. Sure, I believe in the tremendous value of a good maritime case. But for me, it’s not just about the case – it’s about you. You will have to live with your injuries for the rest of your life. And I know that whatever result I get for you, I am responsible for that outcome.” — Attorney Gregory P. DiLeo

At our firm, our clients come first. We are committed to providing you with clear information so you can make educated decisions about your case and about your future. We understand how emotionally and physically stressful this time can be for our clients and we will stand by your side from the start of your case to its finish.

“I believe in personal accountability and responsibility for my clients. Even if it’s a small or short-term maritime injury, you deserve an attorney who believes in protecting the interests of the men and women who devote their lives to the dangers and perils of working on the water. I enjoy representing my Jones Act clients, and I have the utmost respect for their occupation and getting them the best compensation for their injuries under this highly technical area of law.” — Attorney Gregory P. DiLeo

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